Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Timbler the Traveling Man

I am learning my way around and have been enjoying traveling around the city of blue skies and sunny days. It's been the rainy season here so I encountered my first Arizona storm last night. I was about to take a walk when the weather changed in the matter of seconds. In the morning, all was well again and it was as if nothing ever happened. Onward, we go.

Before I left North Carolina, my friend Amy and I decided to purchase a traveling friend who would belong to both of us, and split his time between Phoenix and Raleigh. We found the tiniest of traveling creatures and named him Timbler. We knew he was just right for the job.

Don't underestimate him.
He made the long journey and then he made his first stop in the desert at Lola's to eat some breakfast. Yum.

The library was fun but big! He liked riding the elevator. He decided to go easy on the reading for awhile and just keep seeing the sights.
Where will Timbler be next?
He was in my car the last time I checked, but now he's not there. You can't be lost when you're on an adventure, but hopefully, he didn't try to escape during the storm last night.
I will keep you posted. He is such a traveler, I am sure he will have many stories to tell us. Perhaps over coffee.

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