Thursday, September 24, 2015

Let's Make a Commerical

Today I met Janet and Mike in one of the million Starbucks around Phoenix. I was at the wrong Starbucks for my meeting, but when you're in a coffee shop, how can you not stop and have a 'coffee' with someone?

I named this blog/book correctly because I am now a pro at coffee shops.  Except I may not be at the RIGHT coffee shop. Minor detail.

Janet looked like the lady I was supposed to meet. I asked her if she was Judy. She said no and asked me if I was Kaitlyn. No again. I said if our people didn't show up we should just take their place. She thought it an excellent idea.

"What are you here for?" I asked her. She had a real estate meeting.


I told her I had a counseling meeting. With
 someone I didn't know in a city I didn't know. Typical.

She introduced me to Mike next to her. We realized it was VERY easy to get to know people when you think you are supposed to meet them and that calling people by the wrong name is a great trick to making friends in a new city.

I didn't think the coffees would come in a new city, but apparently this is the way to go.

They liked the idea of meeting people this way so much, Janet said it could make a great commercial for their industry. She gave me her card and took my name (my REAL name) and said she would call me.

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