Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There are Trees in Arizona

I want to be like the palm tree.

The palm tree only gets stronger by the blowing winds because it digs its roots deeper. I don't worry about the palm tree outside my window falling down for good when the weather changes drastically. It might have moments where it topples a little but as it digs its roots down deep, it straightens up again and is even stronger.

It's easy for me to be light and airy during most of my writing on here, especially because I am interviewing other people and talking about adventures, but I still need some moments to remember things like what the palm tree teaches.

It reminds me to dig my roots down in Christ who strengths me and anchors me because otherwise it's too easy to topple around everywhere. Life is so strange and cool and funny and sometimes words don't explain it but I am so grateful for all His grace in this new season! A fun city to explore. My fave coffee who makes life sweeter. Trees. New faces. Train rides. Mountains. Reminders of people in my life all over who are still there. Lots of adventures already!

Update on Timbler: he is safe and sound and rode the train for the fun of it this afternoon. He hardly wanted his picture taken. Don't tell him he's been the feature story in the blog today..

Maybe they aren't the same trees, but there are still trees in Arizona.
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