Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rough draft

Tonight my phone went dead at Harris Teeter, which isn't too unusual.

One of my cashier friends told me she was excited to be part of my book, you know because that's what I talk about when I see people.

I almost ran her over tonight. We were talking as I was driving away and she kind of walked right in front of my moving car. She said "if you run me over, how are you going to have anything to write about?"

The good news is that there is a book in the making. Teresa was drawing pictures of dresses on receipts when I saw her tonight because she designs clothes. I asked her if she could design something for me and she said 'anything but those jeans! You're always wearing jeans.'


What a short synopsis of many, many encounters with Teresa. This one from my drafts, never published. I was going back through to check out what I had still in there.

More on Teresa later. I'm going back to North Carolina this week so that might encourage some tales to be further documented.

It's amazing how much of our stories -- and us -- are still in rough draft form.

That's okay! Write it down, girl! (Me speaking to me, and you too, if this applies to you).

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